Animal Meditations take listeners inside the body and mind of a specific animal in its habitat. This is a project about empathy, education, and calming.

Collection Three

Collection Three.jpg
Collection Three.jpg

Collection Three


7 Tracks, 63 Minutes

Play in a watering hole with your herd as an African Elephant (Brent Katz)

Feast upon a grassy field as a Desert Cottontail Rabbit (Jake Hudson)

Sing in the ocean depths as a Humpback Whale (Daniela Gesundheit)

Walk into the arctic abyss as a Adelie Penguin (Jessica Karr)

Run with your family as a wild Mustang (Jon Leland)

Howl with your kin in echoing valleys as a Timber Wolf (Lauren Stossel)

Awaken from winter's hibernation as a Wood Frog (Kevin Sattin)

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